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Pit of Hell

This is NOT a livejournal

Beth Winter
7 July 1982
External Services:
  • bwinter@extenuation.net
  • bwinter@livejournal.com
This journal contains creativeness in the form of fanfiction, meta-commentary and graphics efforts, in public posts. Life-related babble tends to be friendslocked, so friend me if you're really interested in what my cat has been doing lately. I've been writing for a long time, and publishing fanfiction online since early 2001.

Current torturers muses include

  • copious quantities of various vampires, mainly from the musical Tanz der Vampire
  • far too many Deaths from about every version of the Elisabeth musical ever
  • Takarasiennes in all shapes and varieties
  • the characters of any novel I happen to be reading
  • various guests

If you're looking for my older fics, they're posted at Beth's Miscellany. The ones here (archived under the fanfiction tag) are the most recent crop.

My fanfiction is also partly archived at Fanfiction.net, Open Scrolls, Noire Sensus, Henneth Annun Story Archive and several other places I can't recall now.

Check out my LJ icon site: Ikonografia. It also has my moodthemes. All my user icons are my own unless noted otherwise.

In an emergency situation, every second counts.
I participate in the LJ Abuse Emergency Contact Information First Post program.
Do you? The life you save may be your own.


All original content in this journal is © 2003-2011 Beth Winter. Reposting of the content in its entirety to any service is specifically prohibited.