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Dear Yuletide writer: gender-ambiguous blondes edition

First of all, thank you to anyone who actually addresses my requests :) It's been a hard year, and thus all of the below are about my absolute favourite characters who triumph against adversity (well, except for St Just, but then I want a St Just that survives).

I read very widely - adventure, character studies, slice-of-life, comedy, mystery, drama, romance are all good. I love genderfluidity themes, meta and references to mythology and folklore, as well as the Takarazuka Revue. The only thing I very firmly won't read in stories is animal harm, though for this Yuletide I'd also ask you to scroll through any very graphic descriptions of violence and dismemberment, as well as graphic sex scenes and any descriptions of humiliating situations.

My AO3 name is Beth Winter (BethWinter).

Oniisama E
Asaka Rei
Rei lives AU. St Just-sama in her twenties or thirties, at a balance of some kind, with her Nanako or alone. A travel writer, a ruthless prosecutor, a whimsical tv personality?(Alternately: Oniisama E magical or historical AU, or Rei thinking on the women in her life.

Asaka Rei is, of course, my favourite in Oniisama E (though I really don't have dis-favourites - Nanako in particular is precious, and Kaoru no Kimi). Her death's circumvented easily enough in either the manga or anime versions, but how would this fey person grow up? I'd rather see her functional and still being fascinating and fey. Kaoru no Kimi being alive would add to my delight, as would Nanako, and while I'd rather avoid Fukiko, I know it's very hard to define Rei without their opposition. (If you happen to know the Phoenix Wright games, Rei vs Edgeworth would be epic, either as rival prosecutors or with Rei on the witness stand.) Or hey, happily married and everyone envying the perfect bento that Nanako makes for her.

Alternately, how about a complete AU? Oniisama E is, of course, almost a Rose of Versailles AU in itself, with the Rei-Fukiko situation being working through the reincarnated issues vs Oscar and Marie Antoinette, so recalling those would be fantastic, but any other costume would work as well - spies in the Renaissance? An imperial palace in China? Or add magic to the 70s/80s setting, because Rei being a medium would explain a lot...

I've read the entirety of the manga and seen most of the anime; I tend slightly towards the anime in terms of characterisation, but like both.

Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu / Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Reinhard Lohengramm
The daily life of the Empire's chief plotter and later Emperor - herding Admirals, dodging assassination attempts, trying not to trip over his cape in front of Hilde and making it to the opera in the evening in one piece.

I love Reinhard the most when he's showing how young he is, and when he's interacting with all the people he hand-picked for being stubborn and creative and capable. My favourite Admirals are Oberstein, the Reuenthal/Mittermeyer combo, Bittenfeld and Muller, and I love Hilde to bits while being slightly afraid of Annerose, but I really don't have a GinEiDen character I don't like. I'd rather keep angst to a minimum unless it's memories of Siegfried. Anything to do with Reinhard's married life would also be brilliant.

If not this, how about Reinhard contemplating his historical inspirations? Alexander and Napoleon being the two most immediate examples, but contemplation of other empire builders - Caesar or either Wilhelm or Friedrich von Hohenzollern - would also be appreciated. Or a slightly AU encounter between Reinhard and Alliance-side people, because, say, undercover clumsy flirting with Katerose would be priceless.

I've seen the entire main LOGH anime, but not much of the side stories. I haven't seen the Takarazuka musical yet, but I already know Tomochin is my Oberstein.

Versailles no Bara | Rose of Versailles
Oscar François de Jarjayes
All the trouble a queen's bodyguard can get into in eighteenth-century Paris, and then some. Alternately - French Guards era Oscar and the evolution of her political views.

Oscar is very, very special to me - I love how strong she is, how true to herself, and how she takes trouble head-on. I'm an Oscar/Andre shipper and don't mind Oscar/Fersen and Alain/Oscar, but I don't see Oscar/Rosalie (as opposed to Rosalie's own unrequited feelings and Oscar's deep fondness for her). Favourite characters: Oscar, Alain, Marie Antoinette, Andre, Fersen - in that order.

If lighthearted is more your thing, I'd love any shenanigans Oscar and friends can get to in her Versailles time - evenings out with Marie Antoinette, ferreting out plots with Andre and/or Fersen, keeping Rosalie out of trouble.

For darker stories, the road forward to the Revolution in Oscar's mind. What does she see and hear that moves her closer and closer to the Bastille? When and how are her key decisions made? How does it feel to say goodbye to Marie Antoinette, to her parents, finally to life itself?

I've seen the entirety of the anime, read the manga in French, and seen many Takarazuka musicals (1989 Yukigumi remaining my favourite).

And finally, if you're stuck on any of the above, I'd be more than happy for any of them to meet the Doctor (just not Ten, for preference - Eleven, Nine or Four would be best), attend and comment on a Shakespeare play, or stumble over a rip in the fabric of space-time that leads to them meeting the Avengers. Because the look on either Rei's, Reinhard's or Oscar's face when faced with Tony Stark would be priceless.
Tags: rose of versailles, yuletide
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