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Yuletide 2014 [Oct. 19th, 2014|05:22 pm]
Beth Winter

Dear Yuletide writer,

Thank you, first and foremost. This is the first year I'm requesting all new fandoms, and all really small ones, so I was afraid I wouldn't get any story at all!
Dear Yuletide writer,

Thank you, first and foremost. This is the first year I'm requesting all new fandoms, and all really small ones, so I was afraid I wouldn't get any story at all!

Halt and Catch Fire, Luther, Lymond Chronicles, Pushing Daisies, DragaeraCollapse )
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Takarazuka meme [Aug. 30th, 2014|04:39 pm]
Beth Winter

Dusting off this Livejournal just for Takarazuka fandom purposes. Has it really been 19 months since I posted anything relevant?

Meme from everyone else who's dusting off their LJs lately:

1. What have you been up to in the last year or two?
2. What is the last Takarazuka show you saw and what did you think of it?
3. What was your favorite Takarazuka show of 2013?
4. What actress surprised you the most in 2013?
5. What do you think about the 100th anniversary so far?
6. What troupe you do think will win the Sports Day Festival? (And what troupe will you be rooting for regardless?)
7. What shows do you want for 2015?

Read more...Collapse )
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Yuletide 2013 [Oct. 13th, 2013|10:13 pm]
Beth Winter

Dear Yuletide writer,

Thank you, first of all. I try to be a non-problematic recipient - for any of the prompts I listed, I'll be happy with anything in those fandoms :) My only firm squicks are animal harm (very triggering for me) and humiliation. I'd also prefer no explicit sex, and no D/s / alpha/omega / etc dynamics.

I love mythology, legends, binding stories into an overarching canon. Any exploration of gender themes and gender fluidity is always a plus.

My AO3 name is Beth Winter (BethWinter).

Rose of Versailles, Spooks, Sneedronningen | The Snow Queen - Hans Christian Andersen, Boss (TV)Collapse )
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Yuletide reveal [Jan. 1st, 2013|08:06 pm]
Beth Winter
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(Real life remains unstable with added cold, but hey, optimism.)

This year I wrote two stories, both of which I'm rather proud of:

The Emissary - Spirited Away, genfic

A twenty-years-later casefic with a teenage female OC narrator and lots of Japanese folklore - I had a moment of trepidation there before hitting post. But hey, it got fantastic comments and kudos, and recced to boot! It's making me feel much more optimistic about writing again, that's for sure :)

Between the Shadows - Takarazuka RPF, genfic

When I saw yumenotatsu's request go out for pinch hit, I remembered I did have a very good idea for it. I actually wrote a lot more, but couldn't quite find the ending without a 20K-word supernatural plot that I ran out of time to type...

And my story was written by the lovely Perch - Oniisama-E angst turning to victory, Ephemeral Flower Floating on a Reflection Made of Sound.
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End of year TV meme [Dec. 14th, 2012|05:26 pm]
Beth Winter
[Tags|, ]

Oh. Yes. LiveJournal. (For the curious: situation unchanged over here.) Meme stolen from selenak.

Which TV shows did you start watching in 2012?

Legend of Galactic Heroes (started and finished), Revenge (occasionally catching up), Elementary (gave up after 6 episodes), Suits (didn't continue after the first season), Leverage (recent discovery and so much fun). And hey, SAGIRI qualifies :D

Which TV shows did you let go of in 2012?

Downton Abbey, Suits, Elementary.

Which TV shows did you mean to get into but didn't in 2012? Why?

I keep considering Rizzoli and Isles.

Which TV shows do you intend on checking out in 2013?

Nothing planned. I tend to watch as something catches my attention.

Which TV show impressed you least in 2012?

Downton Abbey. I watched the first two episodes of the new season and realised I had no desire to watch more.

Which TV show did you enjoy the most in 2012?

Dammit, hard one. LOGH was epic and gave me all sorts of things to think about (and the way they juggle a cast of hundreds is glorious), Revenge gets all sorts of +1 for thoroughly genderflipping Count of Monte Christo in very amusing ways and a cast of ruthless complicated human women, but over the last month that's Leverage - I've been in the mood for something silly and not stupid and full of eyecandy, and it's very well-crafted entertainment that's amazingly character-oriented for a villain-of-the-week show. Definitely mental comfort food.
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Dear Yuletide writer: gender-ambiguous blondes edition [Oct. 22nd, 2012|06:47 pm]
Beth Winter
[Tags|, ]

First of all, thank you to anyone who actually addresses my requests :) It's been a hard year, and thus all of the below are about my absolute favourite characters who triumph against adversity (well, except for St Just, but then I want a St Just that survives).

I read very widely - adventure, character studies, slice-of-life, comedy, mystery, drama, romance are all good. I love genderfluidity themes, meta and references to mythology and folklore, as well as the Takarazuka Revue. The only thing I very firmly won't read in stories is animal harm, though for this Yuletide I'd also ask you to scroll through any very graphic descriptions of violence and dismemberment, as well as graphic sex scenes and any descriptions of humiliating situations.

My AO3 name is Beth Winter (BethWinter).

Oniisama E, Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu / Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Rose of VersaillesCollapse )
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Brainspace: get [Aug. 2nd, 2012|09:32 am]
Beth Winter
I'm back from a short sojourn at the lakeside and, hopefully, I should be able to finally have time enough and space to actually accomplish things I owe to people. The last year in general hasn't been good for the work-life balance thing, and Let's Not Mention July. I am exceedingly sorry for all the delays, but now, finally, fingers crossed...

Remind me if I owe you anything?
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Tanabata with Queen (and Adam Lambert) [Jul. 8th, 2012|10:26 pm]
Beth Winter
[Tags|, , ]

You're supposed to be very young indeed for the wild jaunts along the lines of spending 13 hours on a bus just to see a rock concert. I decided that yesterday was my last chance to do it while, technically, in my twenties. (Or just over the line, since I was born at 6AM.)

And, well, it was Queen. QUEEN. I learned English from their lyrics, and Freddie Mercury was the first famous person over whose death I cried. And they've never done a concert in Poland. Ever. Until yesterday.

20 thousand-plus people in a giant stadium. 20 thousand-plus people knowing and loving and singing every line of every song. Brian May with THOSE guitars, 25 metres from me. Brian Fricking May, with endless solos and acoustic songs and I have no idea why his guitar didn't catch on fire. And Roger Taylor (assisted by his son as second drummer and how precious is that), and dear gods can he still sing.

And hey, Adam Lambert. Whom I've followed since American Idol, because you have to support upstart musical actors with delusions of grandeur. Who loves Queen as much as we all do, and you could tell. He wasn't trying to be Freddie, the Departed God of our common religion; he was the priest of this ritual, guiding us and travelling with us for the songs where Brian and Roger were busy making instrumental magic. His voice broke during Show Must Go On, his breath catching just like mine did. I had a hunch he could do this justice.

This ranks in my top two of favourite birthdays ever, along with Yamaguchi von Krolock in Tokyo. I think spending my birthday out of town may get to be a Thing.

Who Wants to Live Forever

Show Must Go On
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Viva technology! [Jul. 4th, 2012|05:12 pm]
Beth Winter
[Tags|, ]

After a year of carrying the work laptop home every day, and eight years after I last got a new-to-me computer (only a year old at that point and with extra-good specs for that time, 2GB RAM and almost 2GHz single-core processor), I finally have a new personal machine. MINE. My money, my choice, my 6+ hours reinstalling everything from scratch because silly Microsoft thinks that only people who live in English-speaking countries want English-speaking Windows. (I have not had a Polish-speaking computer ever, and I don't use one for work either, since my workplace is very much global.)

It's a Lenovo IdeaPad Y570, because I'm on my second work-issued ThinkPad and loving it.

I started off calling it just Toy. Thanks to fyrie it's now Toyoko. Svelte, elegant, stylish enough to carry off some dubious fashion choices (orange stripe around the lid) and hopefully will work for 10+ years - if the shoe fits...
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A month's silence. Oops? [Jun. 4th, 2012|12:03 pm]
Beth Winter
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I do think fannish activity centres are moving to Tumblr, and I never posted that much about real life. Especially when it tries to eat me, like it did throughout the last month. Last week was egregious, with a 14-hour day to cap it, so I'm looking forward to a slightly lighter schedule.

And for those interested - I managed to get the muse kick-started. Thus far, four longhand pages of a Doctor Who/Avengers crossover, wherein Steve has a Type, Tony Relates, and Thor cannot believe fairytales are real.
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Tanka challenge [Apr. 4th, 2012|04:13 pm]
Beth Winter
[Tags|, ]

Stolen from reynardine, with far too much delay - gurdymonkey's tanka challenge.

It's been a decade since I last wrote them, so my tanka skills are very rusty ~.~ Seasonal mix as well, but blame the weather, not me...

Forecast said today
Would be as warm as summer
And the sun emerged
Long enough to stifle breath
Now rain chills your skin again
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Lemon yogurt fluff cake [Mar. 30th, 2012|10:47 am]
Beth Winter

Recipe adapted from Every Cake You Bake (Polish-only). Makes low-maintenance delicious fluff, like a cheesecake but much lighter.

Lemony goodnessCollapse )
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Semi-European okonomiyaki [Mar. 21st, 2012|10:29 pm]
Beth Winter
[Tags|, ]

Finally hit on okonomiyaki batter that WORKSCollapse )
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Three weeks from my last entry [Feb. 23rd, 2012|07:26 pm]
Beth Winter
[Tags|, , , ]

It's been quiet, which is - good, I think. It's starting to turn into spring.

I've gone back to Echo Bazaar, which has removed the daily action cap, so it's even better for new users now. If you want to give it a try, you'll need a Twitter account (or Facebook), and please let me know - I can invite people now, and inviting will probably give both me and you something nifty :)

Related to Echo Bazaar, I managed to max out my data limit on the phone. It just means throttled bandwidth, but lack of surfing ability has left me occupying myself with Obenkyo Japanese flashcards on my commute. I think this "learn more Japanese" thing may be working.
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Wislawa Szymborska, 1923-2012 [Feb. 2nd, 2012|08:31 am]
Beth Winter

Die—you can’t do that to a cat.
Since what can a cat do
in an empty apartment?
Climb the walls?
Rub up against the furniture?
Nothing seems different here
but nothing is the same.
Nothing’s been moved
but there’s more space.
And at nighttime no lamps are lit.

Footsteps on the staircase,
but they’re new ones.
The hand that puts fish on the saucer
has changed, too.

Something doesn’t start
at its usual time.
Something doesn’t happen
as it should.
Someone was always, always here,
then suddenly disappeared
and stubbornly stays disappeared.

Every closet’s been examined.
Every shelf has been explored.
Excavations under the carpet turned up nothing.
A commandment was even broken:
papers scattered everywhere.
What remains to be done.
Just sleep and wait.

Just wait till he turns up,
just let him show his face.
Will he ever get a lesson
on what not to do to a cat.
Sidle toward him
as if unwilling
and ever so slow
on visibly offended paws,
and no leaps or squeals at least to start.

(translated by Stanisław Barańczak and Clare Cavanagh)
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Takarazuka: the black tailcoat staircase dance [Jan. 28th, 2012|10:33 am]
Beth Winter
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I'm overdue on quite a lot of commentary about recent revue happenings (retirements mostly, alas), but I just ran into a clip that really drove home why the kuroembi / tailcoat otokoyaku dance is my favourite set fragment from any revue. It's as stylised and full of set elements as any traditional Japanese dance, and yet when you have so many otokoyaku moving in unison, it's magic. The flair, too, the way each movement is carried out with flourish and grace.

I need to bookmark and download this, because it is Takarazuka.

Originally posted at Dreamwidth - comment count unavailable comments
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Japanese language study - help? [Jan. 7th, 2012|09:09 pm]
Beth Winter
[Tags|, ]

A plea for help for the large portion of the flist who have studied Japanese at one point or another:

One of the things I'd like to tackle this year is Japanese, because it's ridiculous that it's been over a decade since I acquired my first words of it, with two years of quasi-formal study of it thrown in, and yet my grasp of grammar is nil, some of the simplest words trip me, and let's not talk about my kanji knowledge, plzkthx. (On the other hand, my pronunciation's decent, understanding's getting better, and I am somehow getting some grasp on appropriate levels of keigo.)

I'd like to start by self-study, with textbooks. Can anyone recommend textbooks for the following?

- General textbook with exercises and lessons to work through
- Grammar, from beginner to intermediate, with a focus on how people actually speak
- Kanji (I'm eyeing Remembering the Kanji, but would it be better to buy volumes 1 and 2 at the same time, or will 1 suffice for now?)
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Yuletide reveal [Jan. 1st, 2012|03:59 pm]
Beth Winter
[Tags|, , , , , , ]

Look! I managed four stories this year, though all are short, and written in a haze of sleep-deprived exhaustion. Theme of the year: AAAAAANGST.

Dance of Mirrors: Rudolf, Elisabeth, Death

For hawkwolf who was my Santa before and requested focus on Rudolf and Elisabeth's relationship. This is very much musical-based, with less reference to how broken Rudolf was in real life. Their last Christmas, a last talk, a last decision. (Gen, mental illness themes.)

God and Chance: Les Miserables AU

The challenge was, more or less, "Fantine survives and marries Valjean". I managed to turn it into feminist angstfest deluxe, based mostly on the 25th Anniversary cast.

Radgeber für Verliebte: Tanz der Vampire

Again an irresistable (somewhat crack) prompt - Herbert pursuing Alfred with chivalrous rather than predatory tactics <3

At the Flip of a Coin - Downton Abbey AU for 2x08

I love the characters of Downton Abbey. I do not love the plot. This is a (short) attempt to make it more interesting, for fyrie who as usual shares my opinions ^.^
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Year in fandom meme [Dec. 30th, 2011|07:56 pm]
Beth Winter
[Tags|, , ]

Borrowed from many people:

Fannish year summaryCollapse )
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...how did it get to be December 28? Also, Yuletide [Dec. 28th, 2011|07:13 pm]
Beth Winter
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It's safe to say I'm enjoying my time off, in the "blissed out on the couch with complete collection of JD Robb ebooks" kind of way. Which means I haven't been reading much Yuletide except Those That Matter.

The Feats of Monsters (1914 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Tiger & Bunny
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Yuri Petrov | Lunatic, Mr. Legend, Kaburagi T. Kotetsu | Wild Tiger

Yuri watched three times as a monster saved an innocent, only to realize that the third time he was the monster himself.

This is the fic that had me giggling far, far too much :D I loved Tiger & Bunny and thought Lunatic was hopelessly underutilised (but that might have been just because he hit all my buttons at once). I asked for gen, got just that and IC adorableness to boot.

Fortune, Fate, Freedom (2365 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Echo Bazaar
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Cheesemonger, Player (Echo Bazaar)

Are we the sum of our choices, or are we our fate?

I got choose-your-own-adventure! Fantastic multi-branching storyline with my favourite Cheesemonger from Echo Bazaaar.

Dream to Dream (1509 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Echo Bazaar
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: The Delicious Friend

A day in the life of a delicious friend.

This was a Treat (I'm not sure which of the above two was my main fic, and since my request went out for pinch hit anyway, that doesn't quite matter), and it's a gem. The author got the Echo Bazaar voice down pat, and there are kitties galore <3

And one rec, because this fic is FANTASTIC and even if you don't know the fandom, you should read it. And listen to the songs. Because yes, she wrote and recorded the songs to boot :D

The Big Gay Episode (8086 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Horrible Histories
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Rattus Rattus, Christopher Marlowe, Francis Bacon, Richard Barnfield, William Shakespeare, James I of England, Philippe d'Orleans, Chevalier de Lorraine, Elisabeth Charlotte von der Pfalz, Henry IV of England, Sir John Falstaff, Richard II of England, Eleanor Charlotte Butler, Sarah Posonby, Basil I of Byzantium, Michael III of Byzantium, Franz Schubert, Goethe, Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, Alexander Hamilton, Oscar Wilde, The Grim Reaper (Horrible Histories), Charles II of England, Samuel Pepys, Hortense Mancini

The cast and crew of Horrible Histories CBBC takes the piss out of Gay and Lesbian history. Sketches include: “Internatyonal Man of Myfterie”, “The Lesbians who Don’t Do Anything”, “Henry Bollingbroke Doesn’t Like Dick”, and three new Savage Songs!

(Bonus: I somehow managed to miss the fact Horrible Histories was at the Proms this year. Full broadcast here, which is glorious and a good intro to Horrible Histories, and the usual suspects should watch it AT ONCE.)

I produced a mediocre number of stories for Yuletide, and at least two are of the "...it's you, isn't it?" kind, so feel free to guess in the comments!
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Public plea thing (LiveJournal changes) [Dec. 21st, 2011|07:55 am]
Beth Winter
[Tags|, , ]

I don't do this often, but today's changes to LiveJournal's design are beyond idiotic even in a long history of idiotic LJ stuff. Just try viewing a long comment thread on a post without a custom design to see what I mean. Please go to the LJ Releases post about them and lodge a formal complaint. Numbers are the one thing they understand.
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Takarazuka transfer announcement from hell [Dec. 2nd, 2011|01:24 pm]
Beth Winter
[Tags|, ]

...yeah. I need some time to think this through.

Some things, I really like. The reason Tomomin initially caught my attention was not her goofiness, but the fact that she's one of those girls who gives all to her role, allowing it to subsume her. Onstage, Yumeno Seika isn't there, and this is a very Yukigumi thing.

Similarly, I think Masako will do nicely in Hoshigumi (giving Toyoko someone to bounce off of) and MiyaRuri in Tsukigumi - Hoshi just has too many people and she hasn't been well-utilised lately; Mii-chan's situation in Sora was the same. Dai-chan I'm not sure about - there's going to be Tomomin and Koma above her and Kingu gaining fast. I'm curious about Serika Toa in Hanagumi. Dammit. Have to start watching them.

But I'm... annoyed about the Senka transfers. I know, I've been talking for ages about how Senka needs new blood, but it rubs me the wrong way to take Ema Naoki and Asuka Yuu away from troupes that they've been with for respectively 30 and 35 years. Let them retire with the people who care for them, would you?

Micchan... I'm hoping it's a New Senka thing, Tom-style, stealing All The Shows. And better than the dreaded alternative!

Originally posted at Dreamwidth - comment count unavailable comments
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Dear Yulegoat letter [Nov. 17th, 2011|11:43 am]
Beth Winter
[Tags|, , ]

First of all, thank you dear Yuletide Writer for addressing my request :)

Fandoms: Echo Bazaar, Sandman, Tiger&Bunny, Rose of VersaillesCollapse )
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YULETIDE [Nov. 12th, 2011|08:54 am]
Beth Winter
[Tags|, ]

Nominations are finally open! And only open till Monday, make your minds up fast! Signups Monday-Saturday it looks like, and assignments just afterwards. Still little time to write.

I just nominated Rose of Versailles, Tanz der Vampire and Elisabeth, so these are already covered. Unless anyone wants to request Rosalie or Alfred, because I ran out of character nomination slots - this year you can only add four characters with your nominations.
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West end tickets fast? [Oct. 25th, 2011|09:29 am]
Beth Winter
[Tags|, , ]

Calling out to London and UK people - in the eventuality that one can be in London on Thursday-Saturday this week, how does one get (cheap) tickets to something like Phantom, Les Miserables, Priscilla, possibly Wicked?

(Also, anyone want to meet up? Evenings should be free-ish.)
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Kiriyan's retirement [Oct. 24th, 2011|10:10 am]
Beth Winter
[Tags|, , ]

Oh, I did not expect this.

All the speculation was about Yuuhi or Chie. I didn't expect this, not bright Kiriyan and all her artistry. Not Kiriyan-gumi, because I know she'lll be taking a lot of them with her - my Morie, most probably, maybe Marimo, who knows what others as well.

And then I realise she had a good two years, with some perfect shows, and two young successors in line to the top star throne. She's done what she came to do, and I have the feeling she's retiring on her own terms.

It still hits me hard. For all that I like all current top stars, she had this ineffable quality that meant just seeing her smile would make my day.

Kiriyan ♥ I'll miss your light ♥

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News and announcements [Oct. 11th, 2011|10:31 am]
Beth Winter
[Tags|, , , ]

Toyoko's Mr Darcy in a Bow/Nippon Seinenkan show, while Chie has what looks like a self-titled concert with an Umeda/Nippon Seinenkan run. Alike to Komu's Albatross, Wataru's Across! and Saeko's Nettaiyawa. And she's just had a music video, big box and everything.

If not for the fact Chie's November on the 2012 big calendar, I'd say she'd be out by August, leaving Toyoko to take over. But now... oh, Hankyu, making us speculate so much ~.~

Originally posted at Dreamwidth - comment count unavailable comments
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Vampires, and scones [Oct. 5th, 2011|10:01 pm]
Beth Winter
[Tags|, , , , ]

Alive, more than before (turns out magnesium supplements do work).

Yesterday, I went to the "Best of Roma Theatre" concert, which was supposed to feature the best bits of the musicals they've done over the last twelve years. In order:
  • Crazy for You - So you're tapdancing with Rockettes. Good for you. I've seen it done with actual sex appeal. By a girl.

  • Peter Pan - Okay, actual cool operetta-based song for Captain Hook... and the only one they're doing from this musical after three Crazy for You songs ~.~

  • Miss Saigon - *yawn* Stop trying to sing like you sang (badly) ten years ago. I've heard you as Phantom, you're actually good!

  • Grease - Um. Yes. Stop trying to LOOK like you looked ten years ago. Sandy should not have wrinkles. And Kennicky may be 35, but he looks 45 and that is rather disturbing.

  • Cats - Oh, I like the Jellicle Song... except I don't like it when the "High C" part is cut because of a mic going off. And um. Misto? You're supposed to jump high. You only remembered that in the last sequence.

  • Akademia Pana Kleksa - okay, kids are always adorable, so no complaints. And look! I told you you could sing, and you can be my evil hairdresser anytime ♥ Except get a better android, because this one can't do rock'n'roll any better than he could do tapdancing with Rockettes. Both require charisma, sorry, dear...

  • Tanz der Vampire - *wild sobbing because WHY DID THEY CLOSE THIS SHOW???* *momentary RAR on which more later* *more wild sobbing with giggles, because our Ewigkeit costumes are still beautiful and best ever*

  • Phantom of the Opera - see, I told you, GOOD Phantom. Now if only you'd sung like that since the show opened...

  • Les Miserables - sorry, all Mizzed out.

  • Aladdin Jr - boy can sing. Girl screeches. NEXT!~

  • Ooops. That's the end?

In conclusion, not the best spent money, except for a few high points. But one thing... I'm still raging.

Imagine this: Totale Finsternis, with von Krolock on the staircase, slowly turning. Sarah's fallen quiet, and it's time for his solo, the best part of the whole song. Sich verlieren heisst sich befreien - du wirst dich in mir erkennen - was du ertraumst wird Wahrheit sein - Nichts und niemand kann uns trennen. Between the void and the brilliance falls the darkness...

...and he forgot the words.

My hissy-fit was epic, I can tell you that much. He was the understudy in the show! He's done it like fifty times! He's done this concert quite a lot, too, and of all the places to forget the words - the one place where he's suppsed to shine - PEOPLE.

(Finally, this recipe for vanilla scones is fantastic.)
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Pony! [Sep. 20th, 2011|06:04 pm]
Beth Winter
[Tags|, ]

Ganked from amenirdis and penknife, myself as a Pony:

Courtesy of Pony Creator.
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Checking in and out. Also, meme answers. [Sep. 5th, 2011|07:28 pm]
Beth Winter
[Tags|, , , , , , , ]

Between August 16 and September 2, I was working every day. I just had my first free weekend and, predictably, spent it sleeping off the stress.

Today, I was on the road for 12 hours, due to a meeting in another city.

Tomorrow evening, I fly to Prague. Three days' training, then Saturday-Monday for sightseeing.

I'm taking the computer, but I might not be around much. I'll be trying to rest, because the alternative is passing out with exhaustion at some point next week.

But! I managed a pathetic two responses to the crossover meme:

Buffy and PhantomCollapse )

Star Wars and Tanz der VampireCollapse )
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